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Children’s Parties

Our childs party selection is there to make your life that bit easier, allowing you to enjoy that special day with those that matter. 

Serving Food That Children Will Love and Enjoy

Children's Buffet

£4.95 per child (min x15)

  • Selection of Child friendly Sandwich Triangles on white & brown bread (ham/cheese/chicken/jam/nuttella/cheese)
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Fun Cocktail Sticks (fruit cheese tree /hedghog cocktail  sausage)
  • Children's Salad & Dips (carrot & cucumber batons, bread sticks & dips)
  • Fun Crisps & Nibbles
  • Mixed Sweets Tray

Why not add any of the following to your Childs buffet....
Pizza (8 slices)
£9.00 each
chose from.... Margherita, pepperoni, hawaiian 

Chicken Nuggets Platter
£19.95 each
40 nuggets and ketchup dip

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