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Festive Buffet

Festive Sandwich Selection...

gammon ham, turkey & stuffing, cheese & chutney, pork & apple, brie & cranberry

Hand-Raised Pork & Beef Pies...

...with Silverskin Pickles, Branston & Gherkins


Luxury Sausage Rolls

(seasoned pork with apple & cranberry sauce)


Brie & Cranberry Tarts


Festive Salad & Walnut Slaw


Grazing Platter...

...with cocktail sausages, pigs in blankets, selection of cheese cubes, grapes, chutney & celery 


Festive Nibbles & Crisps​


Mini Mince Pies


£7.95 per person


(Minimum 10 people)

pre order in advance to ensure availability


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